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Everything You Need to Start (or Continue) Your Non-Alcoholic Wine Journey!

Interested in non-alcoholic wine but not quite sure where to start? Well, we've got just the kit for you! The YOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine Starter Kit includes everything you need to start exploring the incredible world of non-alcoholic wines.

Each kit includes the following:


Bitters and wine, you ask? 

Yes. Very much yes. 

Bitters are one of the most versatile tools on any bar cart. But most traditional bitters carry a very high alcohol-by-volume, which for those looking to go alcohol-free poses a bit of a conundrum. Which is why we love these completely alcohol-free bitters from All The Bitter. 

While YOURS wine is ready to enjoy right out of the bottle, these non-alcoholic bitters can be used to explore new flavor profiles. Their natural botanicals help point a spotlight at the various natural flavors in each bottle of YOURS. Plus they're great for crafting non-alcoholic wine-based mocktail recipes, including a Red Wine Spritz and Apple Cider Alcohol-Free Sangria. 

(You can learn more about making non-alcoholic wine sing with bitters by reading our full guide to alcohol-free bitters.)

With the YOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine Starter Kit, you'll have everything needed to begin your non-alcoholic wine journey. Cheers!


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