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*Note: Due to the extremely limited production of this wine, there is a strict limit of 6 bottles per customer.*


Meet Our Small Batch Limited Release Series

Every non-alcoholic wine we've ever released is the result of years of planning and careful precision. To us, no amount of time is too long to craft that perfect wine experience inside the bottle. 

While we believe the reviews of our wines speak for themselves (they've certainly confirmed to us that this painstaking process is worth it), it does have one drawback - it makes it harder to experiment and share new, unique non-alcoholic wine flavors with our fans.

But that's all changing with the YOURS Limited Release Series.

We've asked some of California's most talented winemakers to use their imaginations to help us craft new non-alcoholic wines to share with you. And while we believe these are some of the best alcohol-free wines ever created, the only verdict we care to hear is yours.

Each YOURS Limited Release Series Wines is being released in a super limited run. If those lucky enough to snag a bottle tell us it's great, we might make more...but there are no guarantees. Right now, it's all about playing with new flavors and ingredients to create the most beautiful bottle of non-alcoholic wine you've ever tasted.


The Taste

Speaking of taste, the Limited Release YOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine Small Batch Seasonal Red Blend is full of that rich red wine flavor you'd expect from a California grown grape. Fruit forward, yet decidedly not sweet, this finely crafted non-alcoholic red blend is a bright bouquet of flavors, including:

  • Crisp, Ripe Berry
  • Chocolate
  • Oak
  • Fresh Herbs

Unlike most non-alcoholic wines, there’s no lingering sweetness with YOURS. Instead, you’ll enjoy a rich, complex red wine that sips exactly like a red wine should.


The Details

Size 750mL
Serving Size 5oz
Calories per Serving 30
Carbohydrates per Serving 6g
Total Sugars per Serving 3g (none added)
Vegan Yes
Ingredients Dealcoholized Red Wine, Filtered Water, Grape Juice Concentrate, Propylene Glycol, Potassium Carbonate, Natural Flavors.


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