Hi, we’re YOURS. 

We’re on a mission to craft the world’s best non-alcoholic wines, and believe in a future where those who choose not to drink - for whatever reason - are as celebrated and well-served as those who do.  

Spanish Roots

YOURS began its journey in January 2019, when co-founders (and husband and wife) Kelly and Marina Bertog attended their first European soccer match in Barcelona.


After finding their seats, they did what many would do at any sporting event – search for the closest beer vendor. But as they learned, the only beer for sale in the entire stadium was cerveza sin alcohol – non-alcoholic beer. Perplexed, they purchased two, returned to their seats, and took their first-ever sips of NA beer.


To their surprise, within minutes they were lost in the match and thoroughly enjoying their beers. The entire experience was exactly the same, even without the alcohol. They later discovered that non-alcoholic beverages have a rich culture in European countries, and quickly adopted them as a healthier alternative to their evening beer and wine routine.

Disappointing Return

Returning home, the couple realized the U.S. market for non-alcoholic products is woefully behind Europe’s. This was especially true for red wine. Watery. Flavorless. Super sweet and packed with sugar. They tried nearly every non-alcoholic red wine on the market, but nothing came close to replicating that wine experience they loved. So they decided to make their own.

The Choice is YOURS

Borrowing from the amazing advancements in the non-alcoholic beer and spirits space, the duo crafted a wine from the ground up, mixing real dealcoholized California Cabernet Sauvignon with natural flavors to craft a non-alcoholic red wine that looks, smells, and tastes like the wine you know and love.

“I’m not drinking” shouldn’t relegate you to nursing a soda and lime in the corner. It should be celebrated. Admired. Rewarded. And seen as a sign of strength to the millions of others who secretly want to cut back themselves, but don’t know where to start.

YOURS is here to offer that experience. And we can’t wait to raise a glass with you.