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What You Need to Know

YOURS believes in a future where those who choose not to drink - for whatever reason - are as celebrated and well-served as those who do. But as wine lovers, we weren’t feeling the love. So we got to work creating our own non-alcoholic wines that replicates the flavor, aroma, and experience of traditional wine.

YOURS contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. To compare, this is roughly the same as a ripe banana or a glass of apple juice (and less than half of what’s in a typical burger bun).

YOURS is made with love in California.

YOURS makes a rotating variety of non-alcoholic wines. Our current favorite (and most popular) wine is the YOURS Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon.


While we can never replace the missing alcohol (nor would we want to), each drop of YOURS is bursting with the wine flavors you know and love, including ripe fruit, spices, oak, and more. Our wines are rich, dry, and free from the lingering sweetness that dominates most NA wines on the market.