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Review: Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine

Surely Alcohol-Removed Wine Review

Non-alcoholic wine is difficult to get right (trust us, we know). Many winemakers spend years of their time trying to find the perfect blend of grapes, alcohol-removal technology, aging, flavors, and bottling techniques that all play a unique role in creating the perfect glass of non-alcoholic wine.


Needless to say, creating a tasty non-alcoholic wine is no easy feat. Which is why we are all impressed that Surely has managed to introduce more than a half dozen non-alcoholic wine options since they launched back in 2020.


Fast becoming one of the most popular non-alcoholic wines on the market, we sat down with all six bottles of Surely Alcohol Removed Wine (they also offer several canned wine spritzes such as “Coconut Passion Fruit” and “Lemon Ginger”, but we’ll save those for another day). If you’re curious to know how this fast-growing portfolio of Surely wines stands up, read on for our full review! 

Surely Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Review

Review: Surely Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White

Calories: 40 per serving

Carbs: 8g per serving

Sugar: 1g per serving

Surprisingly low in sugar for a sparking non-alcoholic white wine, Surely Sparkling White is a dry, balanced wine that is sure to please any champagne fan. Bubbling with the perfect amount of fizz, Surely Non-Alcoholic Sparking White features notes of peach, lemon, and even a touch of custardy sweetness. The texture is quite nice, and this non-alcoholic champagne ends with a bright and dry finish. What else do you need?!

Surely Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose Review

Review: Surely Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé

Calories: 30 per serving

Carbs: 4g per serving

Sugar: 1g per serving

Similar to the Surely Sparkling White, Surely Sparkling Rosé is a great low-sugar non-alcoholic wine option. Bursting with bright bubbles, Surely Sparkling Rosé sips with hints of strawberry, raspberry, and a touch of guava. The color is absolutely beautiful, and the aroma of this alcohol-removed rosé is a lovely shade of pink. A perfect option for those seeking something festive to pour into their glass!

Surely Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc Review

Review: Surely Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc

Calories: 45 per serving

Carbs: 10g per serving

Sugar: 3g per serving

For our first still wine of the Surely review, we’re pouring a glass of Surely Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc. We were a bit surprised to see the calories and carbs as high as they are, but when you look at the ingredients list, it makes sense, as Surely adds in pear juice, guava puree, and cane sugar, among other items. That said, we did not feel like this wine was overly sweet. In fact, it had a nice dryness to it, which paired well with the flavors of lemon, honey, and ripe apple. Crisp and clean, this is a true summertime sipper, and one we’d enjoy again for sure!

Surely Non-Alcoholic Rose Review

Review: Surely Non-Alcoholic Rosé

Calories: 35 per serving

Carbs: 6g per serving

Sugar: 3g per serving

Much like the Surely Sauvignon Blanc, Surely Non-Alcoholic Rosé is built on a base of fresh fruit flavors, such as pear juice, passion fruit juice, and guava puree. Combined with the dealcoholized rosé, and you’re left with a very refreshing glass of wine. While we personally did not care for the Surely Rosé as much as we did their sparkling version, many of the same positives come through in this bottle, and it could very well be enjoyed by those looking to skip the bubbles. The flavors of strawberry and raspberry still shine bright, and the acid in the wine balances out the experience perfectly. Overall, a tasty wine!

Surely Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir Review

Review: Surely Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir

Calories: 50 per serving

Carbs: 13g per serving

Sugar: 5g per serving

The first non-alcoholic red wine introduced by Surely back in 2021, Surely Non-Alcoholic Pinot Noir sold out quickly thanks to the promise of it being a true red wine lover’s dream. Pouring a velvety shade of red and boasting a rich aroma, this non-alcoholic red sips with flavors of fresh cranberry, plum, and blackberry. While not sweet, we did feel like it was missing a bit of the spice and bite that we were hoping for with the first red introduced by this popular brand of non-alcoholic wine. That said, it’s a real easy sipping glass, and we will happily buy more once it’s back in stock! 

Surely Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon Review

Review: Surely Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon

Calories: 40 per serving

Carbs: 11g per serving

Sugar: 4g per serving

Of course, with the success of their first foray into non-alcoholic red wine with the pinot noir, it was no surprise when Surely announced the launch of Surely Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon at the start of 2022. One of the most expensive bottles of non-alcoholic wine we have ever purchased (though with Surely’s attention to quality, we were certain it would be worth the price), each bottle of Surely Alcohol-Removed Cabernet Sauvignon contains de-alcoholized California cabernet sauvignon, grape concentrate, gum arabic, elderberry juice concentrate, and sulfites. It pours a dark shade of reddish-brown, and has a subtly sweet aroma that dances towards the nose as you pull it in for your first sip. On the tounge, you’ll taste notes of blackberry jam, chocolate, cherry, and a touch of clove. Overall, we though it made for a nice glass of non-alcoholic red, though it was not our favorite of the Surely lineup, nor was it our favorite of the current non-alcoholic red blends and non-alcoholic cabernet sauvignons on the market today. That said, we have no doubt Surely will continue to tweak their recipe and return with an even better bottle of alcohol-removed cab in the future!


Final Thoughts: Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine

There is a lot to love about Surely Alcohol-Removed Wines. With a diverse lineup of six different bottles (plus the canned spritzes we mentioned earlier), there is no shortage of choice when it comes to picking out one of their non-alcoholic wines to enjoy. And while we enjoyed some more than others, we found that all six options had an attention to detail and quality that is hard to beat in the alcohol-removed wine world.


Let us know below what you think of our Surely Alcohol-Removed Wine Review in the comments below, and be sure to share your favorite bottles of Surely with us at @SipYours on Instagram, and in the Non-Alcoholic Wine Reviews Group on Facebook. Cheers!


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