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Review: Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Organic Sparkling Wine

Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Organic Sparkling Wine

For Thomson & Scott Founder and CEO Amanda Thomson, the wine industry has a labeling problem. And no, she’s not talking about bottle after bottle featuring the same boring illustration of a vineyard on its label. She’s talking about label transparency. Labels that actually tell consumers what’s in the bottle they’re about to drink.


Even though wine is one of the oldest beverages on earth, and can be made using just a handful of fresh organic ingredients, modern wines take many shapes and forms. In the name of profit and consistency, wine can now come packed with any number of coloring agents, preservatives, juices, and other forms of added sugar. Yet in most countries, the requirements of wine labels are surprisingly lax compared to other foods and beverages you consume. When was the last time you saw a bottle of wine with a nutritional label and ingredients list on the back?


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This lack of transparency, and her desire to know exactly what she was consuming while she drank her evening champagne or prosecco, led Thomson to quit her job as an Arts Broadcaster at the BBC to go study wine at the world famous Le Cordon Bleu school in France.


A Wine is Born

After learning about the intricacies of the winemaking process, as well as all the additional ingredients that many commercial winemakers choose to add to their bottles, Thomson got to work creating a new type of wine. One that was free from the additives, additional sugars, and eye-opening calorie counts that graced most bottles on the shelves.  


In 2016, she did just that, introducing the world to Thomson & Scott “Skinny” Champagne and “Skinny” Prosecco. Both were met with immediate acclaim, and consumers began flocking to these bottles of delicious bubbly that were made with half the sugar of traditional champagnes and proseccos. Though in a somewhat ironic turn of events, Thomson & Scott was eventually forced to change their own labels, and remove the mention of “skinny” per U.K. trading standards, but at that point it didn’t matter. They had established a new market of wine drinker. One looking for healthier ingredients, transparent labeling, and truth.


Wine Without Alcohol

After relabeling their first two releases – the Thomson & Scott Champagne and Thomson & Scott Prosecco – the company began shipping bottles worldwide to meet demand, and started stocking their products in some of the hottest U.K. bars, restaurants, and hotels. At the same time, the company was working towards the release of a new style of wine. One that took their vision of healthier wines for healthier lifestyles to a whole new level…


Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay


Recognizing the fast-growing base of consumers who love the taste and ritual of wine, but not the alcohol, Thomson & Scott launched “Noughty” Alcohol Free Wine to give non-drinkers the same benefits they give to their other customers. Healthier ingredients. Transparency. Truth.


This strategy worked, and Thomson & Scott Noughty Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine has fast become one of the best reviewed and most talked about alcohol free wines on the market. And needless to say, after recently getting our hands on our very first bottle, we were thrilled to pour a glass and give this wine an in-depth review.

 Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Organic Sparkling Wine Bottle

Review: Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay 

The first thing you notice when you pick up a bottle of Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine is its beautiful bottle. From the elegant printed foil on top, to the raised ridges and playful shimmer of the silver “NOUGHTY” lettering on the label, this bottle screams luxury. Which, in our view at least, is exactly want you want when you’re about to pop a bottle of sparkling wine. As far as making this an inclusive experience for non-drinkers, Thomson & Scott gets a 10/10. Other than the discreet “Alcohol Free” wording on the bottom, nothing about this bottle or opening experience feels different or “less-than”. It’s perfect.


Speaking of packaging and labels, Thomson & Scott stays true to its word, providing very detailed information about this non-alcoholic wine on both their website and their label. Certified organic, vegan, and halal, Noughty Non-Alcoholic Wine is made with 100% organic Chardonnay grapes grown in southern Spain. Each bottle contains 0.0% alcohol, and just 2.9g of sugar and 14 calories per serving. When it comes to wine, this is about as guilt-free as it gets!


Of course, none of that matters if you don’t enjoy the taste. Thankfully, we were in love with Thomson & Scott Noughty from the very first sip. From its pristine pour and pale gold hue, to the bubbles dancing on the surface as you bring your glass to your lips, everything about this non-alcoholic wine experience feels right.


There’s a distinct scent of ripe apple as you pull the glass in, however the wine itself is not overly fruity or sweet. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Noughty is ever so slightly sweet, balanced perfectly with the richness you’d expect from a Chardonnay grape. Though don’t expect this to be a heavy, oaky glass either. The subtle carbonation, lack of added sugars, and aging done via stainless steel vats vs. oak make for a much more delicate, refreshing glass of Chardonnay.


Overall, we could not be happier with our experience drinking Thomson & Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay. It luxurious. It’s packed with flavor. And yet somehow free from all the sugar, calories, and additives that you’ll find in so many bottles of wine. With this sparkline non-alcoholic, it’s truly a win-win-win!    


But don’t just take our word for it. Head out and grab a bottle of Thomson & Scott Non-Alcoholic Wine for yourself today, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Also be sure to tag us on social @sipyours so we can give you a proper “cheers”!


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