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Top 5 Best Fre Non-Alcoholic Wines Review

Top 5 Best Fre Non-Alcoholic Wines Review - YOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine

There’s a lot happening in the world of non-alcoholic wine.


While non-alcoholic beer and spirits brands like Athletic Brewing and Seedlip seem to be getting all the NA attention right now (and don’t get us wrong, they definitely deserve the attention), the non-alcoholic wine market has quietly been experiencing similar growth, much of it led by exciting new and imported brands such as Thomson & Scott, Luminara, and Giesen, among others. The team here at YOURS has even entered the space with YOURS Non-Alcoholic California Red Blend - the result of nearly two years working alongside some of California's finest winemakers. 


YOURS Non-Alcoholic Wine


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But for those new to the alcohol-free wine scene, it’s important to remember that there have been several brands leading the way for the rest of the industry for many years. Brands like Fre Non-Alcoholic Wines.


Part of Trinchero Family Estates, a portfolio of over 50 global wine and spirits brands, Fre Non-Alcoholic Wines has been crafting delicious alcohol-free wines for well over a decade. Each bottle of Fre is produced in California, starting its life as a traditional alcoholic wine. From there, the company uses a state-of-the-art spinning cone technology to gently remove the alcohol, leaving behind a bottle of non-alcoholic wine with 0.5% ABV or less (if you’re wondering how this trace amount of alcohol might affect you – especially if you’re pregnant or nursing – be sure to check out our in-depth article, Is Non-Alcoholic Wine Safe During Pregnancy?).


Fre currently offers nine different non-alcoholic wines for sale, each with their own unique flavor profile. New to Fre and not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered…read on for our full review of the Top 5 Fre Non-Alcoholic Wines:


Fre Brut Non Alcoholic Wine Brut Champagne

1. Fre Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Brut Non Alcoholic Champagne

Alcohol Content: Less than 0.5% by volume

Calories: 80 calories per 8oz serving

Whether you’re out celebrating in style or just feel like popping bottles on the couch, Fre Non-Alcoholic Brut Champagne is a great option for you. Our favorite of all the Fre alcohol-free wines, this non-alcoholic champagne goes to great lengths to recreate the experience of a traditional bottle of bubbly. Bright flavors. Just the right amount of fizz. And a deliciously dry finish that’ll have you pouring glass after glass. And for those who enjoy a wine mocktail, Fre Non-Alcoholic Brut Champagne makes the perfect base for nearly any recipe, including an Alcohol-Free Champagne and Cranberry Fizz, as well as a Non-Alcoholic French 75

Fre Non Alcoholic Wine Sparkling Rose

2. Fre Alcohol-Removed Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé

Alcohol Content: Less than 0.5% by volume

Calories: 70 calories per 8oz serving

Ranking a very close second on our list of top Fre wines is Fre Alcohol-Removed Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé. Similar to Fre Alcohol-Removed Champagne, Fre Sparkling Rosé combines all the textures, aromas, and flavors of a traditional bottle of rosé, leaving you checking and re-checking the label to ensure it truly is alcohol free! Fre Rosé boasts notes of strawberry and citrus, and is balanced beautifully with a nice, dry finish, creating an experience that is both decadent and refreshing. A can’t miss for any rosé fan!

Fre Moscato Non Alcoholic Wine

3. Fre Non Alcoholic Moscato

Alcohol Content: Less than 0.5% by volume

Calories: 90 calories per 8oz serving

The first non-sparkling, alcohol-free wine on our list, Fre Alcohol-Removed Moscato is the perfect option for those that like their wines sweet. As you pour a glass of Fre Moscato, the aroma of fresh rose and peach is unmistakable, and sets the tone for a delicious and decadent sip. And as soon as it hits your tongue, Fre Non-Alcoholic Moscato immediately unfolds into a complex bouquet of flavors, including plenty of fresh fruits such as raspberries, nectarines, and apricots. The perfect non-alcoholic wine for sweet summer sipping!   

Fre Non Alcoholic Wine Merlot

4. Fre Non Alcoholic Merlot

Alcohol Content: Less than 0.5% by volume

Calories: 70 calories per 8oz serving

One of the few alcohol-removed Merlots on the market, Fre Non-Alcoholic Merlot is a rich, luxurious alcohol-free red wine. Crafted from California-grown Merlot grapes, Fre Merlot pours a beautiful shade of ruby red, and boasts the aroma of rich plums and ripe cherries. That subtle cherry flavor carries through on the tongue, in addition to a hint of spice that helps bring back some of the warmth lost from the alcohol. And with a velvety smooth finish, there’s no denying that Fre Non-Alcoholic Merlot is one of the better non-alcoholic red wines on the market today!

Fre Non Alcoholic Wine Chardonnay

5. Fre Non Alcoholic Chardonnay

Alcohol Content: Less than 0.5% by volume

Calories: 70 calories per 8oz serving

Rounding out our list of the Top 5 Fre Non-Alcoholic Wines is Fre Alcohol-Removed Chardonnay. One of the most popular varietals of wine coming out of California, Fre Chardonnay checks all the boxes. It pours a rich golden hue, pops with bright aromas of freshly picked fruit, and features notes of creamy apple, crisp citrus, and ripe pear on the tongue. Finishing with the just the right level of tartness, and it’s clear the team at Fre did their homework before crafting this delicious non-alcoholic chardonnay that does their state proud!


As you can see, Fre makes an alcohol-removed wine for nearly every taste and occasion. And with their years of experience, it’s no wonder that Fre Non-Alcoholic Wines are some of the most popular and bestselling NA wines on the market today.


So, did our review of the Top 5 Fre Non-Alcoholic Wines match your list? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get all the details on our favorite non-alcoholic beers, wine, and spirits!


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