Better Rhodes Non-Alcoholic Drinks of the Month

Better Rhodes Best Non Alcoholic Drinks

It’s no secret that the team here at YOURS loves trying new non-alcoholic beers, wines, and spirits. And when we find something special, we cannot wait to share it with our entire community!


To help us on our journey to discover and share the best alcohol-free options on the market, we’ve partnered with our friends at Better Rhodes to bring you a monthly feature on some of the top products on their shelves.


For those of you that have yet to enjoy the Better Rhodes shopping experience, it’s so much more than an online store. Like YOURS, Better Rhodes is a community. One that’s dedicated to curating the absolute best selection of non-alcoholic beers, wines, spirits, ready-to-drink mocktails, and more.


With our shared passion for uncovering the absolute best non-alcoholic drinks, Better Rhodes and YOURS are here to help anyone looking to enjoy life’s rich experiences, but without the alcohol. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@sipyours and @betterrhodes), and check back monthly for new features on the best of the best available at Better Rhodes.


Now, let’s take a look at the best non-alcoholic beverages you should be drinking this month:


Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages: February 2021

 Damrak Virgin 0.0% Non-Alcoholic Gin


Review: Damrak Virgin 0.0% Non-Alcoholic Gin

When one thinks of gin, London tends to come to mind. But the team at Damrak is working hard to change that…


With their distillery located right in the heart of Amsterdam, Damrak crafts an unapologetically Dutch take on a classic gin. Their Damrak Virgin 0.0% Non-Alcoholic Gin is a refreshing, citrus-forward alcohol-free spirit that is distilled from 10 different botanicals. The team spent over two years blending and perfecting this zero-proof recipe, and you can taste this passion and care with your very first sip.


There’s really no limit to how you can enjoy Damrak Virgin 0.0%. Like all alcohol-free gins we review, our first experience was a simple gin and tonic (though we did swap our usual lime for an orange slice to better match the citrus notes in the gin). The flavor was a refreshing change of pace from our usual G&T, as we found ourselves enjoying the orange-forward notes more than we expected. Mixed with the traditional juniper flavors, plus added herbs and spices such as cinnamon, lavender, and coriander seeds, and Damrak Virgin 0.0% Alcohol-Free Gin packs a flavor and experience that’s uniquely its own.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper YOURS taste testing without a little experimentation. We ended up using this Damrak to craft a Damrak Virgin 0.0% Hawaiian Orange Blossom Mocktail. You can check out the full recipe and review here: Damrak Virgin 0.0% Hawaiian Orange Blossom Mocktail Recipe.


While there is some stiff competition on the market for alcohol-free gin alternatives, with its unique flavor profile, versatility, and refreshing taste, we believe Damrak Virgin 0.0% Gin is here to stay. For anyone looking to update their alcohol-free gin experience, this is one NA spirit you can’t miss!


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