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Making Non-Alcoholic Wine Sing with Bitters

Making Non-Alcoholic Wine Sing with Bitters

Wine is as easy as it gets when it comes to libations. Uncork and pour…you can’t go wrong!


But with the recent boom in non-alcoholic spirits and NA cocktail recipes, it got us thinking: why not have a little fun experimenting with YOURS Non-Alcoholic California Red Blend?


Thankfully, we knew just who to call...


Making NA Better with All The Bitter

All The Bitter is making a huge splash in the world of non-alcoholic drinks. Launched by husband-and-wife duo Ian and Carly – former sommeliers at one of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in the world – All The Bitter is a lineup of three completely alcohol-free bitters: Aromatic, New Orleans, and Orange.


We had a chance to review All The Bitter in late 2021 and were thoroughly impressed. Since then, this tasty trio has a permanent home on our NA bar cart.


While bitters are generally thought of as a vital part of many non-alcoholic cocktail recipes, the YOURS team recently started experimenting with bitters and wine.


And the results were incredible…


Using Bitters in Non-Alcoholic Wine 

We began our non-alcoholic wine and bitters experiment by adding All The Bitter directly to a glass of YOURS Non-Alcoholic Red Blend.


First up was All The Bitter Aromatic Bitters. Starting with one full dropper (keeping in mind that one full dropper of All The Bitter is equal to one dash of most traditional bitters), we stirred the bitters in with our wine. Based on the advice of All The Bitter’s founders, we set up four more glasses, each with an additional dropper of bitters, so that we had a range from 1-5 droppers/dashes to compare.


The first thing you’ll notice with All The Bitter Aromatic is the warm spice notes, which played extremely well off the fresh black pepper and cocoa powder in YOURS Non-Alcoholic Red Blend. While YOURS is on the lower end of sweetness when it comes to NA red wines, if you were using All The Bitters with a red that had a higher sugar content, you’d would definitely be able to tone down the sweet.


Overall, we loved the earthiness that All The Bitter brought to our wine, with the two-dropper glass being our favorite!


Next up, we ran the same tasting experiment with YOURS and All The Bitter New Orleans Style Bitters. Full of cherry, spice, rosehips, and plenty of other organic and wild foraged ingredients, this style of bitters added hints of tart cherry, hibiscus, and anise, which really enhanced the complexity of YOURS. For this variety, we found that the one-dropper glass was our favorite.


The best part? The customization is nearly endless with bitters, and anyone at home can experiment until they find the mixture that’s right for them and their tastebuds.


Non-Alcoholic Wine & Bitters Mocktail Recipes 

On their own, bitters are an excellent way to bring a little variety to your evening glass of wine. However, where they really shine is when you use them in non-alcoholic cocktails.


In our case, we wanted to see how All The Bitter fit in with some of our favorite non-alcoholic wine cocktail recipes using YOURS Red Blend. Here are a few of the recipes we tried first, our tasting notes, and how you can make them yourself at home:


Skinny Non-Alcoholic Red Wine Spritzer



  • Fill glass with ice, non-alcoholic wine, orange juice, and soda water
  • Stir well
  • Add All The Bitter New Orleans Style Bitters
  • Stir Again
  • Garnish with orange slice 

Tasting Notes:

Easy to make, yet ridiculously tasty, this skinny non-alcoholic red wine spritzer is bright, fresh, and perfect for those that like a little sweetness with their NA cocktails, but aren’t looking for a sugar bomb. The spice in the bitters and non-alcoholic red wine play off the sugar of the juice, make each sip light, refreshing, and interesting. A real winner for a warm summer day!


Red Wine & Lime Spritz



  • Fill glass with ice, lime juice, simple syrup, and YOURS Non-Alcoholic Red Blend.
  • Stir well
  • Top with soda water and bitters
  • Add lime wedges for garnish and serve

Tasting Notes:

With its strong non-alcoholic red wine base, this mocktail is perfect for those not looking to deviate too far from the flavors of YOURS. That said, the warm spice of the bitters mixed with fresh citrus and simple syrup do offer a unique boost to the flavor profile of the drink. Though labeled a spritz, this non-alcoholic cocktail could just as easily be enjoyed in the plush backroom of a New York speakeasy as it could on your deck in the scorching afternoon sun.  


Non-Alcoholic Apple Cider Sangria



  • Add apples and oranges to large pitcher
  • Add in YOURS Non-Alcoholic California Red Blend, All The Bitter New Orleans Style Bitters, Apple Cider, Orange Juice, and Cinnamon Sticks
  • Stir very well
  • Let pitcher sit in fridge for at least 2 hours
  • Remove pitcher and stir well before serving
  • Garnish glass with extra fruit slices

Tasting Notes:

Who doesn’t love a good sangria? This non-alcoholic sangria recipe brings together an apple-forward flavor profile, thanks to apple cider and the apple cider vinegar in All The Bitter New Orleans Style Bitter. Warm with plenty of spice notes and citrus, this alcohol-free sangria will be the hit of any party!


Using Alcohol-Free Bitters

As you can see, the uses for alcohol-free bitters and wine are almost endless.


We are so honored to be carrying All The Bitter Alcohol-Free Bitters alongside YOURS Non-Alcoholic California Red Blend. Grab both today, and start experimenting at home…it won’t be long before you stumble on a non-alcoholic drink that you can truly call your own.






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