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Virgin Non-Alcoholic Margarita Mocktail Recipe

Non-Alcoholic Margarita Cocktail

Margarita Monday, anyone?


There’s nothing quite like the refreshing, citrusy bite of a homemade margarita. Its flavor is unmistakable, and it’s one of the few drinks that can instantly transport you with just one sip. Even on the coldest winter nights, as soon as that delicious margarita hits your lips, you can almost feel the sun’s rays on your skin.


The popularity of the margarita dates all the way back go Prohibition, when Americans flocked south of the border for booze, and brought this Mexican recipe back with them when they returned. With its Mexican heritage, it’s no surprise that the margarita is built on a base of tequila. Which for those choosing not to drink alcohol, can pose a serious problem.


Like many mocktails, for decades non-drinkers have been forced to enjoy a virgin margarita that consists purely of margarita mix, making for a sugary sweet mocktail that lacked the smokey bite added by the tequila. But these days are over, thanks to companies like Ritual Zero Proof, who produces a delicious alcohol-free tequila alternative that can be used to spice up your non-alcoholic margarita.


Today we’re going to share our Virgin Non-Alcoholic Margarita Mocktail Recipe using Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative. The highest rated non-alcoholic spirit in the world, Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative brings the heat, smoke, and lime you know and love, making it the perfect partner for your alcohol-free margarita. And with no alcohol and just a handful of calories, you can order dos or tres margaritas with nada guilt!


But don’t just take our word for it. If you’re ready to transport yourself with a delicious alcohol-free drink, give our Virgin Non-Alcoholic Margarita Mocktail Recipe a try!

 Non-Alcoholic Margarita with Ritual Tequila Alternative

Ingredients for Virgin Non-Alcoholic Margarita Mocktail Recipe

  • 2 oz – Ritual Zero Proof Non-Alcoholic Tequila Alternative
  • 3 oz – Margarita Mix
  • Cocktail Salt
  • Ice
  • Lime for Garnish


Directions for Virgin Non-Alcoholic Margarita Mocktail Recipe

  1. Rim glass with lime juice and cocktail salt
  2. Fill glass halfway with ice
  3. Fill cocktail shaker with Ritual Zero Proof Non-Alcoholic Tequila Alternative, margarita mix, ice, and a squeeze of lime
  4. Shake for 15 seconds
  5. Strain into glass
  6. Add lime wedge for garnish


That’s all there is to it!


Give this Virgin Non-Alcoholic Margarita Mocktail Recipe a try and be sure to let us know what you think below in the comments and on social at @sipyours!




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