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Where to Buy Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine: A Complete Guide

Where to Buy Surely Wine Near Me

There are so many reasons drinkers are turning to non-alcoholic wine options these days. From pregnancy, health concerns, and weight loss journeys, to just wanting to be more mindful and present in their lives, there is no wrong reason to enjoy non-alcoholic wine. But even with the massive growth in interest from consumers, retailers (both online and in stores) are still working to keep up with the demand. Meaning you’re not going to be able to find non-alcoholic wine as readily as you might hope.


Fear not, though, as we’ve got you covered. As we outlined in our Where to Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine Guide, there are plenty of places to track down a delicious bottle of non-alcoholic red, white, or rosé. But it varies widely based on the brand.


Take Surely Wine, for example. One of the earlier brands on the non-alcoholic wine scene, Surely has developed a quality reputation for their varieties of wines and unique styles. From their carbonated “Bubbly Red” (which we reviewed in full here), to their standard bottles of still and sparkling (Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine Review), the brand has done a great job innovating the category. Which is why so many are interested to learn where to buy Surely Wine.


Let’s take a look at all the places you can snag your next bottle or can of Surely Wine.


Buy Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine at Grocery Stores and Big Box Retailers

First, a bit of bad news. While there are plenty of great places to buy Surely wine, you won’t easily find them in national retail chains quite yet. As we profiled in our pieces on Buying Non-Alcoholic Wine at Walmart and Buying Non-Alcoholic Wine at Target, major national retailers are still a bit behind when it comes to stocking a variety of non-alcoholic wines, and so you won’t find Surely Wine on their shelves quite yet.


That said, there are plenty of regional and multi-state chains that carry Surely Wine. You’ll be able to grab a bottle of Surely wine near you if there’s a close Total Wine location or a Sprouts location, as Surely is conveniently available in nearly all of their stores.



Buy Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine at Independent Wine and Retail Shops

With popular varietals of non-alcoholic red, white, and rosé – so popular that Surely landed spots on both our 11 Best Non-Alcoholic Rosé Wines and 15 Best Non-Alcoholic Red Wines list – it’s no surprise that there are many independent, boutique grocery, wine, and retail stores that stock Surely wine.


The easiest way to find a location near you is to check out Surely’s non-alcoholic wine locator tool on their website. This gives you an instant look at which stores near you carry Surely wine.



Buy Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine Online 

As with most non-alcoholic wine brands, perhaps the easiest place to track down your own bottle(s) of Surely wine is online. There are plenty of great options from buying non-alcoholic wine online – here’s a look at some of the best options:



You can find the entire lineup of Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine at Amazon, with free shipping for Prime members!


Better Rhodes

Better Rhodes is an excellent online marketplace dedicated to serving up the finest non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirit options, including the full selection of Surely wine.



Boisson is a chain of non-alcoholic bottle shops in New York, California, and Florida that also ships nationwide. They’ve been a longtime supporter of Surely Wine, and offer the full selection on their website.



ProofNoMore is another excellent online store offering a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages for sale, including Surely wine.



Where to Buy Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine

As you can see, there is no shortage of in-person and online options for buying your next bottle of Surely wine. Regardless of whether you decide to try Surely or one of the many other award-winning non-alcoholic wine brands available on the market today, do yourself a favor and give it a shot at least once. You’ll be amazed at the impact swapping even just a few glasses per week will have on your health and happiness.




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