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Can You Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine at Total Wine?

Can you buy non-alcoholic wine at total wine?

One of the hardest parts about deciding to go non-alcoholic (some or all of the time) is actually finding the stuff. While there are plenty of places to buy non-alcoholic wine, the vast majority of these are online only. Sure, there is no shortage of great non-alcoholic wine you can have shipped right to your door, but online shopping isn’t for everyone.


For those that like to browse the wine aisle, pick up bottles, and read the labels, options for non-alcoholic wine are few and far between. Sure, stores like WalmartTarget, and Publix have begun expanding their offerings, but it’s still only a sliver of what you’ll find online.


Unless you live near a Total Wine & More, that is.


With nearly 250 stores across 27 states, Total Wine & More has built a reputation as one of the best places to find new beers, wines, and spirits. But can you find non-alcoholic wine at Total Wine?


Yes. Very much yes.


Not only does Total Wine carry non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits…it has one of the most impressive collections of alcohol-free you’ll find in any store, anywhere. In fact, the very first time I went to a store in search of a non-alcoholic wine it was a Total Wine & More, and I was convinced that their vast selection was going to be what every store carried (boy was I disappointed!).


If you’re lucky enough to have a Total Wine nearby, let’s explore what you can expect to find when you visit their non-alcoholic wine section.



What Non-Alcoholic Wine Can I Buy at Total Wine?

Most retail stores we visit will carry one or two brands of non-alcoholic wine if you’re lucky (most likely Fre and Ariel). A “good” store might have 4-5 options. But Total Wine & More? Depending on the location, you can easily expect to find a dozen or more different alcohol-free wine brands, each with their full lineup of varietals stocked in store.


Of course, each location is likely to vary a bit – and it’s best to call first if you’re looking for something specific – but here’s a look at the most common non-alcoholic wines you’ll find at Total Wine:


Almost Zero

Almost Zero is a non-alcoholic wine brand hailing from the world-famous vineyards of South Africa. Approachable and reasonably priced, Almost Zero offers a simple red, white, rosé, and sparkling option…meaning you don’t need to fuss over grape or vintage.


Personally, we quite enjoy Almost Zero Radiant Red Non-Alcoholic Wine. It’s bright on the palate, with a fruit-forward finish that includes ripe raspberry and mulberry flavor. While it lacks some of the heat you might expect in a red wine, for a non-alcoholic daily sipper, it’s hard to go wrong with Almost Zero!


Ariel Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay

Having been around for decades, Ariel Non-Alcoholic Wine is one of the most common options you’ll find in stores. So, it’s no surprise that you’ll see both Ariel Non-Alcoholic Cabernet Sauvignon and Ariel Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay when you hit the aisles at Total Wine.


While it may not be the most complex, rich alcohol-free wine on the market, as we discussed in our Ariel Non-Alcoholic Wine Review, these wines are a great introduction to the NA space. So don’t be shy…grab a bottle or two next time you’re at Total Wine!


Be Free

Offering a full selection of non-alcoholic red, white, rosé, and even sparkling non-alcoholic wines, Be Free is an import from Germany offering exquisite taste at a wallet friendly price point. We’re particularly partial to the Be Free Sauvignon Blanc, which pairs beautifully with a cheese plate and your favorite fish.


Be Well

Be Well Dealcoholized Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are two wines that you’ll find exclusively at Total Wine. Many non-alcoholic wines tend to be polarizing. Some folks love certain brands, while others cannot stand the same brand. But Be Well is one of the few brands that has pretty consistent (and positive) feedback.


As we broke down in our full review of Be Well Non-Alcoholic Wines, the chardonnay boasts lovely, crisp apple and ripe pear flavors, and finishes very smooth. The cabernet is brimming with rich plum and dark cherry flavors, as well as a touch of chocolate. White or red, you can’t go wrong with Be Well!



Made in France, Cruse knows a thing or two about what it takes to make delicious sparkling wine. In fact, most of the wine Cruse makes is of the traditional alcoholic variety, however due to increasing demand for non-alcoholic wines, the company recently introduced an easy-drinking non-alcoholic sparkling brut that is reminiscent of their traditional wines, but without the alcohol.


Whether you’re celebrating something special or just toasting to a random Tuesday evening, Cruse Non-Alcoholic Champagne is a great choice for any occasion!



Fre is another brand of alcohol-free wine that you can now find in many stores. It’s a go-to standard for many pregnant women, as Fre has one of the most complete collections of different alcohol-free varietals.


Expect to find most (if not all) of these wines for sale at your local Total Wine. We’re personally very partial to Fre’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Brut and Sparkling Rosé, both of which sip very well on their own, and serve as an excellent base for many different non-alcoholic cocktails.  



Crafted in Spain, Freixenet is another European sparkling wine maker that took everything it learned from making traditional sparkling wines, and adapted it to a delicious non-alcoholic style.


Freixenet Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Rosé offers everything you could possibly want in an alcohol-free sparkling wine. Bright bubbles. Fresh, fruity flavors. Soft and subtle finish. This non-alcoholic rosé can be paired with just about any meal or celebration. And best of all, it’s priced reasonably enough that any night can be a bubbly night!



Giesen has quite the reputation in the wine world. As one of the leading traditional wine makers in New Zealand, many were shocked to learn that the company would be launching an alcohol-free lineup of wines. But those that truly understand Giesen’s dedication to the craft knew that whenever the company sets its sights on a new style of wine, they tend to hit it out of the park. And Giesen’s 0% line is no exception.


Giesen 0% Alcohol-Removed Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is the true standout of the lineup. The perfect balance of fruit and bite, this alcohol-removed wine is loaded with flavor. So much so that you’ll be shocked to learn that it’s just 19 calories per glass!



One of the fastest growing independent non-alcoholic wine and beer brands on the market, there’s a lot to love about Gruvi. Currently offering four different styles of alcohol-free wine – Dry Red Blend, Sangria, Dry Secco, and Bubbly Rosé – Gruvi’s wines come in single serve bottles and cans, making them a perfect option for BBQ’s and beach days.


Our personal favorite is the Dry Secco, which we profiled as part of our larger Gruvi review here. Super tart and bubbly, this alcohol-free wine skips fermentation, meaning it is a true 0.0% alcohol by volume option.  



Rondel Zero Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Cava and Non-Alcoholic Rosé are two more wines that you won’t find in many places besides Total Wine. Born in Spain, these alcohol-removed wines stay true to the Cava experience…so much so that it’s easy to forget these are non-alcoholic! Rondel Zero Rosé is particularly interesting, with hints of strawberry, cherry, and green apple. It’s fruity, but not overly sweet, which is exactly what we’re looking for in a nice non-alcoholic sparkling wine!


St. Regis Non-Alcoholic Wine

When we sat down to review St. Regis Non-Alcoholic Wines, we had pretty high expectations. And the brand did not disappoint.


With a wide variety of options, including the delicious St. Regis Non-Alcoholic Secco and the St. Regis Cabernet Sauvignon – the latter of which sits firmly on our list of the 15 Best Non-Alcoholic Red Wines – there is a St. Regis alcohol-free wine for pretty much any taste and style preference. And considering their wallet-friendly price point, St. Regis Non-Alcoholic Wines are an excellent choice for those looking to try out several different options in hopes of finding the one that’s right for them.  


Stella Rosa

When people ask us for our opinion on Stella Rosa non-alcoholic wines, we always respond the same: it’s different. But different can be good! As we outlined in our full Stella Rosa review, non-alcoholic wines are often scolded for being “too sweet”. But Stella Rosa leaned into this sweetness, pairing their non-alcoholic wines with bold fruit flavors to create more of a non-alcoholic wine cocktail than a pure wine. And the results are delicious.


We’re big fans of Stella Rosa Non-Alcoholic Black, which has huge hits of blackberry and spice. Pour it over ice and add a splash of soda (or ginger beer), and you have a super tasty alcohol-free cocktail that’s just perfect for sipping on the porch during those warm summer afternoons.



Does Total Wine Sell Non-Alcoholic Wine?

As you can see, Total Wine & More is a great place to stock up on non-alcoholic wines. Whether you’re in search of a delicious non-alcoholic cabernet, a bright seasonal rosé, or a bold alcohol-free red blend, Total Wine is sure to have something to please any palate.


And if you’re in search of even more non-alcoholic wines to try, be sure to check out our guide on Where to Buy Non-Alcoholic Wines. You’ll be surprised at just how many places these days are carrying that wine experience you know and love, but without the alcohol.




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